Facing a criminal prosecution or being investigated for suspicion of criminal activity is an incredibly scary life event. Knowing what your legal rights are and having an advocate who understands and aggressively fights to protect your rights is extremely important.

Bryan, diStefano & Mattingley offers a top-notch criminal defense team. We offer a holistic, common sense approach to defending all of our clients facing criminal prosecution. Dave and Jason have significant experience working felony and misdemeanor cases from pre-indictment to trial. Dave and Jason have developed the legal experience and the relationships necessary to ensure that you get the best possible criminal defense available in Northwest Montana.

Dave and Jason understand that your case deserve careful attention and a high level of skill. We have the experience and desire to protect your rights. It is our passion. We are ready to handle any felony or misdemeanor matter.

Team Work

At Bryan, diStefano & Mattingley, we firmly believe that teamwork is the best way to approach any legal matter. Therefore, we have made the commitment to our clients to assign two attorneys to almost every felony case, but without charging double the price.

Flat Rate Criminal Defense and Payment Plans

We recognize that defending yourself against a criminal prosecution is a very expensive proposition. Therefore, we offer flat-rate options for defending you that offer you the comfort of knowing exactly what your defense will cost you. Additionally, we offer payment plans in limited cases. Call us to discuss our pricing.

Criminal Issues we handle

  • Felony Defense
  • DUI and Drivers license reinstatement
  • Misdemeanor Defense
  • Appeals and Postconviction Relief