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Montana, known for its big sky, is not commonly known to have a drug pipeline from other states or countries.  You would be surprised.  Drugs are available, addiction really changes individuals, and someone could easily find themselves defending against federal drug charges.

Federal drug charges are much more complex than state charges.  Federal drug charges carry severe penalties, including mandatory minimum sentences, 924(c) consecutive sentences, purity increases, and other Guideline enhancements.

Given the federal government’s extensive resources and zealous prosecution, it’s imperative to immediately mount a comprehensive defense.  Often this begins by seeking release through a detention hearing.

The Government typically has significant discovery data.  Often, we see numerous FBI 302s and other state and federal reports, cell phone extracts (ping data, texts, social media hits), drug lab results, and audio/video surveillance.  A competent defense team must have reliable discovery management software and techniques to develop a defense theory.

Trial preparation includes developing tactics to investigate mitigating/exculpatory evidence and attack evidence through motion practice (suppression, Franks, improper joinder, MILs).  Effective trial preparation not only tees up a case for the jury but it also helps in negotiating favorable plea offers.

Finally, sentencing hearings in federal court are often times a combination of a mini-trial, oral argument, and allocution.  Having an experienced team is paramount for a favorable outcome at every stage.

If you or someone you know is defending against the feds, contact us immediately.  The attorneys at diStefano & Mattingley, PLLP will properly evaluate your situation and advise you accordingly.  Call us now and set up a consultation.