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It’s holiday party season in Montana. If you are planning to attend holiday parties on other people’s property, you should be aware of the hidden dangers that could take you out of the celebration. You should also know that in many cases, property owners can be held liable for any personal injuries that may occur on their property.

Remember to practice a little caution while celebrating this season.  Here are some things to watch out for as you gallivant around for the holidays to protect yourself from accidents:

— Snow, ice or water on outdoor walkways, stairs, or driveways

— Dangerous property conditions like faulty stairs or frayed carpet

–Stressed out and unsupervised animals and children

You can protect yourself and your family while out and about this holiday season. Watch your step, be mindful of your alcohol intake, and make sure you have a safe ride home.

While we know that accidents still happen, and are here to help you if they do, the attorneys at diStefano & Mattingley PLLP would prefer you have a safe and happy holiday season.