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Car accidents, even minor ones, can cause serious injuries.  These injuries can take time, sometimes even days or weeks, to really set in.  One of these injuries is whiplash. Whiplash is a neck strain caused by an impact or blow that causes your head to jerk forward or backwards.  The sudden force stretches and tears the muscles and tendons in your neck. The harm caused by this sort of injury can impact your health both now and in the future.

Symptoms of whiplash include:

  • Pain, decreased range of motion, and tightness in the neck. The muscles may feel hard or knotted.
  • Pain when rocking your head from side to side or backward and forward.
  • Pain or stiffness when moving your head to look over each shoulder.
  • Headaches at the base of the skull that radiate towards the forehead.

Whiplash is often caused by rear-end car crashes, but can also be caused by accidents involving motorcycles, bicycles, or simply slipping and falling.  Whiplash can even result from certain recreational or sports activities.

If you have suffered any type of accidental injury, even if it appears minor, it is imperative to seek medical attention.  Failing to do so may cause increased injury, pain and suffering.

It is also important to report the accident immediately.  If it is a motor vehicle accident, that means calling the police to ensure an accident report is taken and you can collect driver’s license numbers, vehicle registration, and insurance policy numbers. If it is another type of accident make sure to report the accident to the property owner or site supervisor, making note of key facts such as time, date, and circumstances of the accident.

If you or a loved one suffered an accident resulting in whiplash or other injuries, call the experienced attorneys at diStefano & Mattingley PLLP.  They can help you navigate the issues and determine a course of action to compensate you for your injuries.