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All too often, we come across people in our line of work that were injured through no fault of their own but failed to take action against the wrongdoers in a timely fashion.  They deal with the aftermath of accidents and try to work their way through the pain, convinced that their bodies will bounce back.

A few years down the road, the pain continues to progress and eventually surgery is necessary.  These wronged people realize that their funds are low, and they will be unable to pay for the surgery.  Cue them finally meeting with a firm that specializes in personal injury.  Unfortunately, sometimes these people have waited too long, and any claims they have against a person are time barred.  They are forced to suffer and pay for something that they should never have been responsible for.

Do not let their misfortune become your own.  Should you be involved in a car accident, a slip and fall, a medical malpractice case, etc. it is of the utmost importance that you meet with an attorney if there is any reason to suspect that there could be prolonged issues which arose from your initial injury.  An experienced attorney can tell you what your options are, and when the statute of limitations on your case will run.  Go into your situation aware of what your future might hold rather than exhibit a wait and see mentality. 

More often than not, cases such as this, even if a complaint is filed in court, are settled outside of the courtroom.  The filing of a complaint is your placeholder that keeps your case from being kicked out due to statute of limitation issues.  Have you been injured?  Is this blog post making your realize your statute of limitations clock may be ticking all too quickly?  Contact the attorneys at Bryan, diStefano & Mattingley today to set up a free consultation, because ignorance of the law does not land you in any sort of blissful situation.  Our firm has the experience and know-how to guide you through this difficult time in your life.