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If you binge watched a few too many Mad Men episodes, this blog may be a wake-up call to you to show that times have changed considerably in the last few decades.  Not only are there federal laws in place, but there are also state laws in place that expressly prohibit certain discriminatory practices in the workplace.  Now hold tight, some of you reading this may be throwing up your hands in frustration and labeling this as another attempt by the mainstream to indoctrinate the masses with “snowflake”, overtly politically correct acts, but not so.

All too often, workers are glanced over for hire or promotion based on illegal discriminatory practices.  You could very well be a member of a protected class contemplated by Montana’s employment discrimination law and not even know it.  Specifically, Mont. Code Ann. 49-2-303(1)(a) declares it unlawful discrimination to…. “discriminate against a person in compensation or in a term, condition, or privilege of employment because of race, creed, religion, color, or national origin or because of age, physical or mental disability, marital status, or sex when the reasonable demands of the position do not require an age, physical or mental disability, marital status, or sex distinction”

Have you been overlooked by a position you are more than qualified for and instead the job was given to a younger less experienced worker without any explanation?  Have you been passed over for a promotion purely because of your gender?  Are your being harassed in the workplace and forced to deal with racial epithets?  There is a remedy to these problems, and it certainly isn’t going home and ranting to your significant other, only to go to sleep and face the harassment and abuse another day. 

There are specific remedies for workplace discrimination, and it takes a seasoned experienced attorney to navigate through the myriad of procedures that employment law entails.  There are specific time frames in which to file a complaint through the Human Rights Bureau and attempting to navigate this process on your own or without competent representation could cost you your potential case.  Fortunately, the attorneys at Bryan, diStefano & Mattingley, PLLP are well versed in employment law and have the experience required to have your case heard before the proper parties.  Set up an appointment with them today to set up a free consultation, because your status in the workplace should be dictated by your performance, not by discriminatory practices.